How to test your customsettings.ini file

By | January 7, 2014

Before making changes to a live customsettings.ini file, I like to test the file to ensure that any changes I have made do not break the deployment share.  There are a couple of ways that you can do this, one way is shown here, in my case I do it this way.

Firstly create a directory on your local machine called CSDevelopment and then copy the following files from the scripts directory in your MDT deployment share to this directory:

ztigather.wsf, ztigather.xml, ztiutility.vbs, ztidataccess.vbs, customsettings.ini

You will also need to create a subfolder called x86 and copy Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll from Tools\x86 to here.

To test the customsettings.ini file, open an elevated cmd prompt and navigate to the CSDevelopment directory and execute the command cscript ztigather.wsf or you can copy the below VBscript to the CSDevelopment and run this.  The script will delete any existing instances of the MININT directory and then run ztigather.wsf.  Once complete a log file will have been created in c:\minint showing the results, I would recommend downloading a copy of trace32 from here to view the log file.


'# *************************************************************************
'# Script Name: Test-CS.vbs
'# Version:     1.0
'# Author:      Steve Rollins
'# Date:        3rd January 2014
'# Description: Deletes an existing c:\minint directories and then runs
'#				ztigather.wsf to test the customsettings.ini
'# *************************************************************************

set objFso=createObject("scripting.fileSystemObject") 
set objWShell=wScript.createObject("WScript.Shell") 
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


if objFso.folderExists(strFolder) then 
   'Delete any existing c:\minint directory
   objFSO.DeleteFolder strFolder"cscript ztigather.wsf") 
else"cscript ztigather.wsf") 

end if
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