Build and Capture tip

By | December 30, 2011

When designing image deployments I like to keep my master image to a minimal install, typically the OS and security updates, up to the date I create the image.  Going forward I then take advantage of a build and capture task sequence to regularly refresh the gold image.  This in a near automated process, the only manual intervention is starting the VM and pressing f12, after that my build and capture task sequence takes care of the rest.

To ensure that the captured wim has a unique name each time it is captured without me having to manually enter a file name, I have include the following in my customsettings.ini file:

BackupFile=%TaskSequenceID%-#day(date) & “-” & month(date) & “-” year(date) & “.wim”#

Once the build and capture process has completed the wim file will have a name made up of the Task Sequence id and the current date i.e. Win7goldx86-29-12-2011.wim.

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