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Set the computer description during the build process

I recently had a request from a client to add a description to the computer account entry in AD during the build process. The client required both the serial number of the machine and the model of the machine to be recorded in the description field of the AD computer account properties. I had seen… Read More »

Check TPM chip status

I recently did some work on a project where the client wanted to enable Bitlocker as part of the build process, as part of this process the TPM chip also needed to be enabled as by default it is switched off.  The enabling of Bitlocker and the TPM chip as part of the build process… Read More »

Running powershell scripts as part of a Task Sequence

I’ve seen various ways of running powershell scripts as part of a Task Sequence some that have worked well some not so well.  The method that I have had 100% success rate with is powershell.exe -command “set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted; cpi %SCRIPTROOT%\scriptname.ps1 -destination c:\; c:\scriptname.ps1; ri c:\*.ps1; set-ExecutionPolicy restricted” This command basically drops the excution policy to… Read More »

SCCM client install script

I was recently on a site where I had a requirement to install the SCCM client on a number of workgroup pc’s.  The client wanted to allow the end users on the PC’s to install the SCCM client themselves so needed a method to map a drive to a share where the SCCM client files were and then start the… Read More »