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Upgrading to SCCM 1511

This week I finally found some time to upgrade my lab environment to SCCM 1511.  My previous SCCM environment was running SCCM 2012 R2 CU4 so upgrading from this version was in the supported upgrade path so there was no need to apply any additional updates.  If you are running any of the below flavours… Read More »

SCCM 2012 R2 PXE boot error: Could not find boot image

This post is more of a reminder for myself however I thought I would share it just in case anyone else experiences the same issue.  I was playing around in my lab today working on a new Task Sequence to deploy Windows 10.  I created a new Boot Image and imported it into SCCM remembering to… Read More »

Debug Task Sequence

A good way to test your scripts or application installs in a deployment environment is to use a debug task sequence, Dan over at The Deployment Guys blog posted this which you can download an install.

SCCM 2012 step by step guide – Part Two

In the first part of this guide, I covered the initial configuration of primary site server and extending the AD schema.  In the second part of the guide, I will cover the steps taken to install and configure a primary site server. *Updated for SCCM 2012 SP1

SCCM 2012 step by step guide – Part One

I have previously published a series of posts around planning and deploying SCCM 2007, with the release of SCCM 2012, I thought that I would again put together a series of posts that will hopefully provide you with some guidance when installing SCCM 2012.

SCCM 2007, WDS and PXE Boot problems

A common problem that I have seen when working on client sites, especially in new SCCM environments, is problems PXE booting. The reasons for a non working PXE boot environment can be as simple as IP helper addresses not being present on network switches, boot images being missing or corrupt on the WDS server or… Read More »

Managing clients across two forests

I was recently tasked with configuring SCCM to manage 200 computers that resided in the domain of an organisation that the company I work for is currently merging with. The environment that I was presented with was Forest A which contains the SCCM infrastructure and Forest B which contains the 200 computers that I need… Read More »

Updating SCCM 2007 SP2 to R2

Updating SCCM 2007 to R2 is not essential however I highly recommend if only for the addition of the unknown computer support feature that has been added to OSD. There are other enhancements which are shown here.

Installing your SCCM Site – Part Three

In the final part of this guide we are going to look at configuring the client agents, configuring discovery methods and the client installation methods. Once these steps have been completed, SCCM will be ready to use.

Installing your SCCM site – Part Two

In this part of the guide we will focus on extending the AD schema and the initial configuration of SCCM this will include configuring site boundaries and installing and configuring site system roles.