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Hash could not be matched for downloaded content

I came across a problem whilst creating a Task Sequence stand-alone media image. Everything seemed to be working ok until the build process got to a specific point and then failed with a series of error messages “Hash could not be matched for the downloaded content….. Failed to stage package…… Failed to create media….” The… Read More »

Installing drivers for specific hardware during the build process

I have previously covered deploying drivers during a task sequence build to specific model PC’s, however I recently had a need to deploy a set of drivers for a specific piece of hardware during the build process. The driver itself was for a dual head graphic’s card and was installable using a standard setup.exe file.

Build and Capture a Windows 7 Image

This guide will cover the installation and then capture of a Windows 7 Image using SCCM to handle the whole process. As with Windows XP, you can if you prefer install the Operating System yourself and then create a bootable cd via the SCCM console to capture the image. At the end of this guide… Read More »

Drivers and Task Sequences

This guide describes my process for importing drivers into SCCM 2007 for use during the deployment of an Operating System using the OS deployment functionality. One of the biggest issues I have experienced with drivers is the delivery mechanism from the manufacturer.

Build and Capture a Windows XP SP3 Image

Windows XP was the first operating system that I used OSD to deploy. I first deployed XP using the OSD feature pack for SMS 2003 and then migrated over to SCCM when I deployed SCCM throughout the organisaton I was working at. This guide will cover the installation and then capture of a Windows XP… Read More »

Configuring SCCM 2007 to deploy Operating Systems

I have kept this guide separate from the other three I have written for installing and configuring SCCM as not everybody looks to use SCCM for deploying Operating Systems. The steps below are only required if you are going to be using PXE boot for building Operating Systems. In environments where you don’t use DHCP… Read More »