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Windows Analytics – Upgrade Readiness

Windows Analytics is a set of tools provided by Microsoft that once configured will provide you with quite a bit data about the devices in your environment. Currently Microsoft provide three solutions which can be used together or as individual products, the one I am going to focus on in this blog post is Upgrade… Read More »

Another SCCM gotcha

I’ve seen this a couple of times before but as a colleague of mine experienced it recently whilst trying to build a desktop using an SCCM offline media build that he had taken out to a client site I thought I’d post about the problem. The build started and installed the OS and ConfigMgr client ok… Read More »

SCCM 2012 OSD Gotcha

When deploying operating systems using SCCM 2012 you may find that your operating system has been deployed to any drive but the C: drive. This can be very frustrating when you have sat there for an hour waiting for your build to be deployed only to find the operating system has been deployed to wrong… Read More »

Set a WSUS Target Group during build and capture

I recently found myself needing to set a WSUS target group during the build and capture of a Windows 7 image using MDT.  This is a typical scenario when clients don’t assign updates to the unassigned computers group on WSUS and is quite easy to get around.

Excluding Files and Folders during USMT

Normally when running USMT to capture there are files and folders that I don’t want to capture, typically these maybe folders containing extracted drivers or certain portions of the users profiles, to do this I use the below code.

Check TPM chip status

I recently did some work on a project where the client wanted to enable Bitlocker as part of the build process, as part of this process the TPM chip also needed to be enabled as by default it is switched off.  The enabling of Bitlocker and the TPM chip as part of the build process… Read More »

Build and Capture tip

When designing image deployments I like to keep my master image to a minimal install, typically the OS and security updates, up to the date I create the image.  Going forward I then take advantage of a build and capture task sequence to regularly refresh the gold image.  This in a near automated process, the… Read More »

APP-V Client Silent Install

I’m currently working on a Windows 7 and Office 2010 deployment, as part of this deployment App-v is also being deployed.  The client that I am working for has requested that the App-v client be deployed as part of the build.  As I’m trying to keep the master image as light as possible I didn’t… Read More »

Dual boot Windows 7 and 2008R2

I thought I’d share my recent experience with setting my laptop up to dual boot between Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 R2.  To be honest it’s something that I have always been put off doing due to past experience, thankfully it is now pretty straight forward to do, however this dual boot configuration… Read More »