Monthly Archives: January 2012

Running powershell scripts as part of a Task Sequence

I’ve seen various ways of running powershell scripts as part of a Task Sequence some that have worked well some not so well.  The method that I have had 100% success rate with is powershell.exe -command “set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted; cpi %SCRIPTROOT%\scriptname.ps1 -destination c:\; c:\scriptname.ps1; ri c:\*.ps1; set-ExecutionPolicy restricted” This command basically drops the excution policy to… Read More »

Clearing the client App-v Cache

When troubleshooting applications that have already been sequenced and published or even just testing applications as you sequence them, clearing the client cache is normally the first thing to try to resolve any issues, in most cases this normally solves the problem. To clear all applications in the cache issue the command sftmime delete obj:app… Read More »