Monthly Archives: January 2014

Set the computer description during the build process

I recently had a request from a client to add a description to the computer account entry in AD during the build process. The client required both the serial number of the machine and the model of the machine to be recorded in the description field of the AD computer account properties. I had seen a number of different ways of doing this in the past but wanted something that was quick an easy to implement that didn’t require a webservice or a editing the MDT xml files. Continue reading

Updating the master image when no internal WSUS available

One of the steps during the creation of the master Windows 7 or Windows 8 image is to patch the machine up to the latest set of released updates. I normally automate this as part of the build and capture process using and internal WSUS server however, I recently had a situation where the client I was working for didn’t have an internal WSUS server and was using a third party tool to patch their estate, as this required the installation of a client on the PC it wasn’t something I wanted to use during the build and capture process. Continue reading

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