Monthly Archives: November 2012

MDT USMT Capture Error

During a recent migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 I had a couple of machines that were failing the user state capture part of the build process.  The machines would start the user state capture and looked as though it was running, however after a couple of minutes the process would fail. Continue reading

Hyper-V and Multiple Subnets part 2

In a previous post I showed you how to create a routable test environment using Windows Server 2008R2 and RRAS, since that post I have upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 to take advantage of the built in Hyper-V feature so I didn’t have to dual boot my system.  This got me thinking about how I could setup a routable network on Windows 8 now that I didn’t have RRAS.  I came across a piece of software called Vyatta which enables you to create virtual switches/routers to do this.  This guide will show you how to setup a simple routable network on Windows 8 with Hyper-V and a Vyatta switch. Continue reading