Monthly Archives: February 2012

Forcing an Access database to open with virtualised deployment of Access

One thing I have been looking at recently has been the ability to open Access database files with an older version of Access on a computer running Access 2010. The obvious solution here is to virtualise the older version of Access so that the two versions can run simultaneously which is a pretty straight forward excercise and works quite well. The next step is to then have the required database file open with the correct version of access.

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Check TPM chip status

I recently did some work on a project where the client wanted to enable Bitlocker as part of the build process, as part of this process the TPM chip also needed to be enabled as by default it is switched off.  The enabling of Bitlocker and the TPM chip as part of the build process is relatively straight forward and there are plenty of examples of how to do this already available.  However one thing that has caused problems in the past is what happens if the TPM chip is already enabled?  Past experience has shown that if the TPM chip is already enabled then the step to enable the TPM chip will fail and if the option to continue on failure is not checked the task sequence will exit. Continue reading