Monthly Archives: October 2011

SCCM client install script

I was recently on a site where I had a requirement to install the SCCM client on a number of workgroup pc’s.  The client wanted to allow the end users on the PC’s to install the SCCM client themselves so needed a method to map a drive to a share where the SCCM client files were and then start the installation. Continue reading

SCCM 2007, WDS and PXE Boot problems

A common problem that I have seen when working on client sites, especially in new SCCM environments, is problems PXE booting. The reasons for a non working PXE boot environment can be as simple as IP helper addresses not being present on network switches, boot images being missing or corrupt on the WDS server or in some cases multiple PXE servers being present which is something I saw recently in an environment where the client had migrated from SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007. Once the old WDS server was turned off (which they had assured me they had already done) everything started to work as expected.

Continue reading

Dual boot Windows 7 and 2008R2

I thought I’d share my recent experience with setting my laptop up to dual boot between Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 R2.  To be honest it’s something that I have always been put off doing due to past experience, thankfully it is now pretty straight forward to do, however this dual boot configuration has a bit of a twist to it. Continue reading